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TotalEnergies offers you a whole range of ways to save money on fuel, tolls and taxes.

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Membership is free, and our partners include Total Lubricants, AS24 petrol stations and Eurovat.

Why do our customers need Total Truck Solutions?

  •  “I am proud to belong to the truck driver’s community.“ Michael, driver in a medium-size transport company
  • “ I want to improve my cash flow situation with easy business tools”  Georges, self-owner of a medium-size transport company
  •  “I want to avoid breakdown, incidents, and traffic congestion. I want to make sure the trucks are moving and are always full” Nathan, the fleet manager of a medium size transport company
  • “I need control over all my expenses and trust in the data / analysis reports. I want money back as soon as possible”  Mike, financial accountant of a medium-size transport company
  • “I need and I am ready to buy any tools/solutions if that makes my life easier” Henry, a self-owner of a small transport company, fleet manager / driver