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Total Lubricants has forged partnerships with a range of the world’s top vehicle manufacturers. Through these partnerships, TotalEnergies shares its cutting-edge R&D capabilities, knowledge and experience with global leaders, while at the same time we gain first-hand experience of the latest developments in engine technology. We can then develop new products accordingly. The way we collaborate with our partners in the industry is something we are very proud of and we are always looking for new opportunities to establish and strengthen our partnerships.


Totalenergies and Peugeot – fun and excitement

For over two decades, Peugeot and TotalEnergies have worked together in a partnership covering research and development, raising standards, improving performance and greater fuel efficiency. One of the crowning achievements of the work we’ve done together is the Peugeot 208 Hybrid FE- a car that combines high performance with superb energy efficiency and low emissions. It can accelerate from 0 to 100km/h in eight seconds, run for 100km on just 1.9L of fuel, and produces only 46g of CO2 over the same distance. TotalEnergies developed a new 0W-12 oil for the vehicle, helping improve fuel efficiency by 5% over a standard 10W-40, and using bio-sourced bases. FE stands for both fuel economy, and fun and excitement.

In motorsport, Peugeot TotalEnergies teams compete across categories and competitions including World Rally Championships, the Dakar Rally, the European Rally Championship and more. TotalEnergies oils are present in 80% of new Peugeot models shipped, and we cover 70% of Peugeot’s aftersales market. TotalEnergies also works with Peugeot Scooters, combining the experience and professionalism of both companies to offer customers the best service and the best lubricants thanks to the Hi-Perf range.


Totalenergies and Citroën – stronger together

The relationship between Citroën and TotalEnergies that began back in 1968 is as strong as ever, and has grown into a global industrial partnership covering trade, technology, training and motorsports. With TotalEnergies as its lubricant partner, Citroën won back-to-back World Touring Car Championships in 2014 and 2015, with team driver José María López triumphant both seasons.

TotalEnergies has helped Citroën achieve sales and engineering success with logistical, training and technical support. We have supported Citroen’s growth in manufacturing on five continents, providing a wide range of engine oils, greases and suspension fluids. Quartz INEO First 0W-30 is the OEM reference oil used in most Citroën cars. Ever since Citroën and TotalEnergies began working together to optimise the performance of the DS in 1968, the two companies have collaborated on the research and development of high performance lubricants for petrol and diesel engines.


Nissan and Totalenergies – a winning combination

For more than a decade, TotalEnergies and Nissan have been working together, pooling our technological resources and automotive expertise both on the road and on the track. Nissan Genuine Oils are one of the results of this partnership. TotalEnergies' experts have designed these technologically advanced lubricants specifically to maximise the power and performance of Nissan vehicles. Nissan recommends these oils for all its petrol and diesel engines.

In 2014, Nissan and TotalEnergies made history at the Le Mans speedway when the Nissan Zero Emissions On Demand Racing Car (ZEOD RC) completed a full lap of the circuit powered by electricity. The prototype performed like a GT car, reaching speeds of 300km/h without using a single drop of petrol. TotalEnergies supplied lubricants custom made for the car, which delivered the equivalent of 400hp in full electric mode.


Kia and Totalenergies – an Alliance of Skills

Together, TotalEnergies and Kia have formed an ‘Alliance of Skills’, combining our joint strengths in the global marketplace to develop high quality products and services for an unrivalled customer experience. High performance Quartz engine oils are being developed by our experts specifically to optimise Kia engine performance, reliability and fuel economy, and through joint marketing and service programmes the aim is to improve Kia dealers’ profitability, customer retention and customer satisfaction. As part of the partnership agreement, TotalEnergies is Kia Motor Corporations preferred aftermarket lubricant supplier, with TotalEnergies branded lubricants available to customers across the Kia service network of over 5,500 dealers in 180 countries.


Totalenergies and Mazda – confident for tomorrow

Since our partnership began in 2003, Mazda engines protected by lubricants developed by TotalEnergies have driven over 150 billion kilometres. Mazda Original Oils are formulated by TotalEnergies specifically to meet the technical requirements of Mazda engines, improving the energy efficiency and performance of the vehicles. Several of the lubricants we have developed meet the particularly demanding requirements of Mazda’s SKYACTIV technology, delivering outstanding ecological credentials, excellent engine performance, and driving pleasure. Today, Mazda Original Oils are available at more than 2,300 garages, repair shops and dealerships in over 45 countries.

“Our partnership with Total is strategically important for Mazda and for our customers. With the development of our new generation engines, excellent lubrication performance is essential for the performance and durability of the engines. The benefit from using Mazda Original Oil is obvious for our dealers and our customers."

Jeff Guyton President and CEO of Mazda Europe



Totalenergies and Great Wall Motors – building for the future

Aston Martin Total

The Chinese car manufacturer and TotalEnergies have been cooperating since 2007, building a partnership that covers technical innovation, training and marketing initiatives. TotalEnergies lubricants are recommended in Great Wall Motors’ key overseas markets, and TotalEnergies has sponsored the GWM Haval SUV racing team at the Dakar Rally. By sharing its technical expertise, TotalEnergies is helping GWM improve its production line quality control with testing equipment to monitor lubricant dilution, as well as training. In 2014, TotalEnergies was the first lubricant company to be awarded GWM’s Technological Innovation Award. GWM is a growing force in world motoring with brands including its Haval SUVs, Wingle pick-ups and Voleex sedan cars.




Logo Aston Martin


TotalEnergies became “Energy Partner of Aston Martin” in May, 2016 and joined Aston Martin Racing as “Official Lubricant and Technical Partner”. Beside of the lubricant recommendation, Aston Martin is also recommending EXCELLIUM, a fuel that incorporates specific detergent additives to clean and maintain the essential components of the engine over time. It leads up to 99% less fouling in gasoline engines, fuel economy and longer service life. TotalEnergies as Aston Martin’s energy partner provides fuel for every car that leaves the Gaydon factory.

In December 2017, TotalEnergies and Aston Martin were proud to announce the renewal of their partnership up to June 2019.