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For over 40 years, ELF MOTO motorcycle lubricants have provided motorcyclists with the high-performance lubrication their bikes demand. With a history grounded in competitive motorsports, ELF MOTO motorcycle oil is produced to an exceptional level of quality, making sure that motorbikes work their best with complete efficiency.

What is ELF MOTO motorcycle oil?


ELF MOTO motorcycle oils are a range of engine lubricants developed by TotalEnergies and designed for motorcycles, scooters and quad bikes with two and four-stroke engines. The lubricants, including mineral, synthetic and additive oils, are designed to protect engine, gearbox and clutch components from friction, heat, oxidation and corrosion. This helps them perform effectively and efficiently while saving fuel and lowering emissions.

The long-lasting range has been developed alongside professional motorsports partners including MotoGP and is constantly being improved and innovated to guarantee cutting-edge engine protection and power.

What’s more, ELF MOTO also meets High-Quality Motorcycle Engine Oil Conception for Fuel Saving, Japanese Automotive Standard Organisation, International Organization for Standardization, and American Petroleum Institute standards, ensuring complete dependability and complete quality.


2 stroke motorcycle engine oil


The ELF MOTO range features a wide range of oils for two-stroke engines, protecting them and making sure that components can work to produce as much power as possible.


  • MOTO 2 OFF ROAD – A high-quality, synthetic-based lubricant with optimised viscosity for flexible engine protection.
  • MOTO 2 RACE – Designed for the most powerful engines, the completely synthetic MOTO 2 RACE reduces friction and ensures that motorcycles can perform at their peak.
  • MOTO 2 SELF MIX – A formulated mineral oil for easy cold starts that can be used to protect a wide range of engines and motorcycles.
  • MOTO 2 TECH – Advanced new-generation lubrication with detergent additives for performance in the most testing conditions.
  • MOTO 2 GOLD – A multipurpose two-stroke motorcycle oil offering improved start-up and protection of components for a wide variety of motorcycles.


4 stroke motorcycle engine oil


For powerful, economical four-stroke motorbike engines, TotalEnergies has developed a range of ELF MOTO lubricants:


  • MOTO 4 CRUISE 20W50 – Flexible engine protection for 4-stroke engines.
  • MOTO 4 ROADSTAR 10W40 – Synthetic-based engine oil designed for faster acceleration and smoother ride.
  • MOTO 4 ROAD 10W40 – Synthetic-based engine lubricant designed for fewer start-up emissions, a more comfortable ride and protection from clutch slippage.
  • MOTO 4 ROAD 15W50 – A synthetic-based oil for superior motorcycle superior performance in bad weather, featuring anti-slip clutch technology.
  • MOTO 4 TECH 10W50 – Innovative synthetic lubricant for improved power, efficiency and engine cleanliness.
  • MOTO 4 MAXI TECH 10W30 – Next-generation synthetic oil that improves fuel economy, protects engines from wear and deposits and controls clutch friction, all while lasting longer.
  • MOTO 4 TWIN TECH 20W60 – High-tech synthetic lubricant designed for twin engines, ensuring smooth gear changes, engine component cleanliness and performance.
  • MOTO 4 PRO TECH 5W40, 20W40 and 20W50 – Synthetic lubricants for especially demanding motorcycle engines.
  • MOTO 4 RACE 10W60 – Exceptional-quality, 100%-synthetic oil for sports riding, assisting performance, power and temperature resistance.


The TOTAL ELF MOTO range of motorcycle lubricants ensure that all bike owners can push their machines to the limit. For more information on the range, plus the high-quality gearbox lubricants, engine coolants and other bike lubricants available from TotalEnergies, please view our motorcycle lubricants.

To find out more, speak to our team today and to find which ELF MOTO motorcycle oil is best for your bike, use our Lub Advisor tool.