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What is jet fuel?

Jet fuel is a type of aviation fuel used by gas turbine engine-propelled aircraft. Most jet fuels are kerosene-based and are produced to exact international standards with very low freezing points and additives to improve performance and safety.

TotalEnergies’ range of jet fuels has been specially developed to provide the performance and safety that airfields, airports, private helipads and pilots need. Made to assured specifications to ensure complete quality and protection from contamination, and backed by TotalEnergies’ extensive experience and skilful customer service representatives, our jet propellants can be relied upon.


Where is jet fuel used?

Jet fuel is used by civil, commercial and military aviators across the globe to power a wide range of aircraft, from small leisure aircraft and private planes to commercial jetliners and military aircraft.

The fuel is consumed across the globe – TotalEnergies’ range serves over 200 international airports around the world and more than 500 regional airfields across Europe, meaning on average, TotalEnergies crews refuel an aircraft with jet fuel every single minute.


What are the types of jet fuel? 

There are three main categories of jet fuel, JET A, JET B and JP.

JET A fuels are used in the United States. JET A-1 is used across the world and differs from Jet A in that it features an additive to further lower its freezing point to -47°C (as opposed to -40°C) and an anti-static to reduce the threat of electrostatic charges building up in the fuel system.

JET B fuels feature more additives than Jet-A fuels, allowing them to perform in extremely cold environments up to -60°C – mainly Russia, Alaska, Canada and the poles.

JP fuels are military designations of jet fuels based largely on commercial kerosene-based fuels. JP-8 – also known as JET F34), for instance, is used by NATO forces.

What are Totalenergies' jet fuels? 

Jet fuels generally fall into two categories; general aviation (JET-A) and military (JP). TotalEnergies supplies both these key markets with JET A-1 and JET F-34 fuels.

JET A-1 

  • Fuels a wide range of jet turbine engines across the entire general aviation market
  • Also known as F-35
  • 38°C flashpoint, -47°C freezing point
  • Complies with international standards including the AFQRJOS, British DEF STAN 91-91 standard, ASTM D1655 standard and NATO F-35 specifications

JET F-34

  • Used by military-grade engines for aircraft flying in cold conditions
  • Also known as JP-8
  • Formulated with a lubricating and antifungal Fuel Systems Icing Inhibitor (FSII) such as AL48
  • Protects aircraft and helicopters without fuel system heaters when operating in cold conditions

TotalEnergies’ range of jet fuels has been developed to meet the needs of civil and military aviators across the globe. To find out more, please contact our team.