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What is cutting fluid? 

Cutting fluid lubricates, cools and protects metalworking processes such as machining, grinding, finishing, broaching and cutting. It is used to extend the performance and lifespans of cutting tools, keep machined materials in perfect condition, prevent corrosion and rust, rinse away deposits and chips, and safeguard staff, tools and worked products from contamination. 


What is cutting fluid made of?  

Cutting fluid comes in a range of formulations designed for specific metalworking processes. There are four main types:  

  • Neat oils – mineral oil-based cutting fluids used more to lubricate than cool. 

  • Macro emulsions – featuring mineral oils and emulsifiers designed to offer reliable cooling and lubrication. 

  • Micro emulsions – combining synthetic compounds such as phosphate esters, mineral oils and emulsifiers, micro emulsion cutting fluids protect from corrosion and contamination while offering great cooling and lubrication. 

  • Water-based coolants – fully synthetic cutting fluids without oils that offer the best possible cooling and anti-corrosion performance. 

Cutting fluids from TotalEnergies 

TotalEnergies' range of premium metal working cutting fluids span and protect a very wide range of cutting tasks: 

  • Folia – Metalworking fluids without emulsifiers or mineral oils for multiple applications. 

  • Valona HC – Hydrocracked neat oil for cutting tools. 

  • Vulsol – Mineral oil free water-based coolant for cutting tools. 

  • Spirit – Soluble microemulsion lubricant for cutting equipment. 

  • Lactuca – Soluble macroemulsion lubricant for general machining equipment. 

  • Martol – Soluble deformation oil for steel and aluminium cutting. 

  • Drosera – Mineral multipurpose oils for high speed cutting tools. 


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Why choose TotalEnergies' cutting fluids?

Whatever the cutting task, productivity and production can be jeopardised if an operation doesn’t have fluids specially developed to suit the tools and materials, but with TotalEnergies' cutting lubricants, you can be sure your lubricant is an asset to production.

If you want a metal cutting fluid that improves the performance of your cutting tools, protects them from wear and saves you money in the process, TotalEnergies' cutting fluids are an excellent investment. With a raft of features and benefits, they’re high-quality oils that won’t let you down. Part of the Total Metalworking lubricant range.


TotalEnergies cutting fluids key features and benefits 

TotalEnergies' cutting fluid range offers several features and benefits:

  • Efficient machining for all metals – Even in the most stringent operations.
  • Longer lifetime of tools – Reducing costs and increasing productivity.
  • Outstanding surface finishing – Improving broaching quality.
  • Excellent cooling power – Prolonging the operation of machinery.
  • High efficiency in all applications – Providing multipurpose performance.
  • Excellent pressure resistance – Protecting tools from metal wear and corrosion.
  • Exceptional anti-wear properties – Reducing tool change frequency.
  • Low volatility – Minimising misting and oil consumption.
  • Transparent product – For easier machining.
  • Low or no odour – For a more pleasant working environment.
  • Quick drying action – To minimise downtime.

For more information on TotalEnergies' range of machining cutting fluids or to make an order, contact our experts.