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Reducing the environmental impact of our activities, and striving for a safer world today and for future generations, are core principles for Total Lubricants. With our R&D expertise, our deep understanding of industry and lubricants, and our constant desire to innovate, we have the means to bring about a more sustainable future and we are committed to doing so.

Innovation for the environment

Driven by the goal of having a positive impact on the environment, we invest heavily in research and development. Every lubricant we develop has the potential to reduce energy usage and waste. Wherever possible, we strive to make biodegradable lubricants available, reducing the post-use environmental impact of our products.

At the Total Research & Technology Centre in Gonfreville, our Technical Centre in Mumbai and the Research Centre in Solaize, TotalEnergies scientists and technicians lead the world in the design and development of safer, better industrial lubricants. Our focus is on the future, constantly anticipating the needs of our customers and improving environmental and performance standards as new industrial technologies are developed. We work closely with our customers and with leaders in a range of industries around the world with the aim of achieving more efficient and environmentally friendly solutions for future generations.


We are continually investing in:

  • Skilled teams across scientific disciplines including chemistry, mathematics and engineering.
  • The latest testing tools.
  • Sophisticated analytical facilities down to the molecular level.
  • Support teams in computing, documentation, quality and safety.

Sustainability for the future

As a lubricant manufacturer, we feel it’s our responsibility to reduce the environmental impact of everything we do. That includes our products while in use and after they’ve been removed from equipment. We are committed to:

Improving energy efficiency

Whenever one of our lubricants is used, it has the potential to improve machine performance and productivity. Often, there is the chance to improve the machine’s energy efficiency. In the energy sector, we supply lubricants to green energy producers such as wind farms, where more efficient lubricants translate into cleaner power generation. Where we supply lubricants to gas and oil-powered producers, better performance leads to more fuel-efficient output. There are hundreds of ways in which TotalEnergies lubricants contribute to more energy efficient industries.


Reducing waste and pollution

By protecting the working parts in industrial machinery, TotalEnergies lubricants help the equipment to last longer, which means less waste and less scrapped equipment. By developing longer lasting lubricants, we are ensuring that less lubricant waste enters the environment. Furthermore, TotalEnergies operates a Waste Management service, which promises to remove your used lubricants and filters and safely dispose of it within Environment Agency guidelines.


TotalEnergies is at the forefront of developing biolubricants – biodegradable and made from sustainably produced ingredients – for an increasing range of industrial applications. It’s another example of how our innovation is leading to safer, more environmentally friendly solutions for industry.


Quality and safety

Meeting and exceeding industry standards for quality, safety and protection of the environment are key drivers for us, and we take these responsibilities very seriously. We are fully compliant with the European regulations outlined by REACH – Registration, Evaluation, Authorisation and Restriction of Chemicals. As such, we aim to protect human health and the environments from the hazards of handling and processing chemicals.

We have also achieved all the key ISO certifications for our industry. Total Lubricants is ISO 9001:2000 and ISO/TS 16949:2009 certified. Safety, hygiene and protection of the environment are our leading concerns.

Total Lubricants works closely with key organisations and associations within each industry to ensure our products meet the latest standards. For instance, our Nevastane range of food industry lubricants has National Sanitation Foundation (NSF) H1 and ISO 21469 certification. Furthermore, the range is Kosher and Kosher with no products of animal origin, no allergens and no GMO ingredients.