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05/09/2018 News

How ELF MOTO and Brough Superior make the perfect motorbike partnership



To develop the best, most innovative products, it helps to work alongside experts. Total has always pursued industry partnerships in the development of its products, especially vehicle lubricants, and one of our most recent has been with Brough Superior, termed the ‘Rolls-Royce’ of motorcycle manufacturers.


Brough Superior’s famed motorcycles


If there’s one motorcycle marque with a pedigree that exceeds all others, it has to be Brough Superior. Originally in production between 1919 and 1940 when it was spearheaded by dandy motorcycling pioneer George Brough, the vehicle maker was the first to produce what is today termed a superbike.


Brough’s motorbikes combined bleeding-edge technology with powerful performance and a focus on exceptional quality. Each bike would be assembled twice, then tested at 100 mph by Brough himself before being delivered to customers. T.E. Lawrence was Brough Superior’s most noted owner, purchasing eight models and clocking over 300,000 miles across them.


After production ceased in 1940, Brough Superiors became sought-after museum pieces, but when motorcycle enthusiast Mark Upham acquired the rights to the company in 2008, the motorcycles were reborn. Today, the company’s SS100 motorcycles are made with a vintage aesthetic from a range of exotic materials, producing 140 hp from a 997cc v-twin engine – all while weighing under 400 lbs.


Elf and Brough Superior’s partnership

Brough superior


Brough Superior’s new bikes are produced to elite specifications, so need an engine oil that can cope with the extreme temperatures and pressures inherent in their design.


Total’s answer was Brough Superior Elf Modern Motorcycle Oil, an OEM, high-performance engine lubricant specially developed for the company’s bikes. Protecting the engine components and transmission from engine wear and corrosion, the lubricant contains a mix of additives to ensure peak performance and longevity.


For classic Brough Superior bikes, Elf developed Brough Superior Elf Vintage Motorcycle oils. Made for four-stroke engines, the range of engine oils covers 20W-50, SAE 40 and SAE 50 grades, with an additional 80W-90 for gearboxes – everything total-loss oiling systems need to function effectively.


Improving engine cleanliness, protecting against corrosion, ensuring a uniform oil film between clutch discs and effortlessly styled in black with bronze detailing, the oils provide enthusiasts with everything they need to ensure their bikes last another century and longer.


The ELF MOTO range


The Brough Superior Elf range is just one part of the ELF MOTO range of motorcycle lubricants, made to ensure durable components and reliable peak performance in two-stroke, four-stroke and scooter engines.


The ELF MOTO range of synthetic and mineral motorcycle engine and gearbox oils protect motorbike internals from oxidation, deposit-formation and wear, all while ensuring performance during cold starts and at high temperatures. This allows them to continue functioning correctly, even under periods of extreme pressure and load.

Total’s motorbike oils have been produced to give class-leading results, as our partnership with Brough Superior shows. Contact our experts for more information or to make an order.