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TotalEnergies' North Sea operations showcase its commitment to innovation. Culzean is our most recent UK offshore development, starting operations in 2019. It has a digital twin, a virtual reality copy of the platforms, that allows us to model any changes we want to make before sending anyone offshore, making the work safer and more efficient. In 2016 our Laggan-Tormore development opened in the West of Shetland region.

This was the first gas development in this challenging part of the North Atlantic and it was made possible by our long-distance sub-sea tiebacks. These allowed us to reach over 100 miles out to sea without using offshore platforms. It was a leap forward in what was possible and is still a world class example of tieback technology.

Elgin Franklin started production in 2001 with what was at that time the world’s largest High-Pressure High-Temperature development. This allowed us to drill deeper and into reservoirs that had previously been viewed as impossible to reach.

Going back to our Alwyn platform, which started life in 1987, we pushed the limits of extended reach drilling to allow us to explore and develop nearby fields. Alwyn has now been producing for over thirty years thanks to our ability to develop the area around the platform. Our commitment to innovation continues. Today, digital innovation is transforming the way our business operates.

Our next generation smart rooms bring together in real time teams working offshore and onshore. This enables them to solve problems quickly and to work together to identify opportunities to increase production efficiency. We have created a Digital Factory to harness the vast amounts of data we generate. This gives us new insights and helps make our operations more efficient, cleaner and safer.

Machine learning is another new technology driving change by increasing the range of tasks now performed by computers. We are also increasingly making use of automated and robotic technologies. To help with inspection work, we use drones offshore and have developed the world’s first oil and gas industrial robot to work on our gas plant in Shetland.