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02/10/2017 News

Air Total wins contract with Newquay Airport

AIR TOTAL was awarded the contract for supply of all aviaiton fuels for three years, commencing 01st May 2017, after submitting a very comprehensive tender, attending a supplier presentation day, and working with our supply and logistics team to offer a secure supply. The contract also includes the supply of F34 jet fuel for Newquay’s military/search and rescue aircraft.  

Attractive Offer

The customer was attracted by Total’s UK-based team and personalised service along with the security of supply. Total will facilitate a fuel handling QC course to the Newquay refuelling team, to the internationally recognised ‘JIG4’ standards, through our team of aviation inspectors based in Paris. Cornwall Airport Newquay is positioned as one of the largest UK customers for our General Aviation department and will require cooperation and close liaison with our haulier, storage terminals and ordering lines, since the airport will often require short-notice deliveries, potentially seven days a week.

« It’s an exciting new direction and market growth for us and who knows, maybe there’ll be a request to supply rocket fuels in a few years time” says Simon Fage, General Aviation Area Manager referring to the fact that Newquay are one of 5 shortlisted locations for a UK commercial Space Port.    

« Security of supply and their ability to tailor their service provision to our specific operational needs were key factors that made Total stand out for us in the selection process. The UK team have already proved to be a great support and we look forward to developing our working relationship further as the contract progresses.”  Richard Thomasson, Airport Operations Manager at Cornwall Airport Newquay.


Selling Jet F34 (military grade jet fuel)

Total will supply F34 to Newquay for use as part of their military aircraft training contracts. This is a fairly unique and bespoke offer to Newquay with only a few companies able to supply this grade. It was important that Total were able to supply in order to cater for the mix of civilian (airline and business jet) and military traffic.


Security of Supply

Total have security of supply since they own and refine their own fuel at refineries in the UK and within Europe for Jet Fuel, Avgas 100LL and the increasingly popular UL91. Total also deliver on dedicated aviation-fuel delivery trucks for extra reassurance of fuel quality.


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