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09/07/2020 News

Free Webinar: How to Preserve, Store and Change Metalworking Fluids During Shutdowns

Metalworking experts from Total Lubricants are hosting a free webinar in conjunction with the Confederation of British Metalforming (CBM) at 09:30am (BST) on Tuesday 21 July 2020.

The current crisis is presenting a raft of challenges for manufacturing businesses, with lockdown pausing production for many.

However, as lockdown begins to ease, it is vital that manufacturing businesses practice effective lubricant maintenance in order to ensure production can be restarted confidently and safely.

This webinar will provide participants with insight and practical guidance on how to preserve, store and change metalworking fluids during short and long-term shutdowns.

Total’s experts will explain the steps that metalworking fluid users can take to improve the lifespan of the sump, secure their machinery and workshop environment, enhance the overall level of produced part quality, reduce cost, and minimise health and safety risks.


  • 09.30 – Welcome
  • 09.35 – Introduction (who we are)
  • 09.45 – How to preserve and store and change metalworking fluids during short and long-term shutdowns
  • 10.15 – Webinar topic Q&A
  • 10.30 – Broad Q&A

Sign up now to join Total on Tuesday 21July at 9:30am (BST). Please email Melinda Jean at CBM, [email protected].

For further information, please visit: