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10/10/2021 News

Learn how to calculate the total cost of cutting fluids in the new TotalEnergies webinar - 19/10/21

Webinar: Total Cost Ownership Concept in MWFs – How to calculate the total cost of cutting fluids? 

Date: 19/10/2021 

Time: 10:00am 

Metalworking fluids can have a substantial financial impact on manufacturers - not just in terms of the individual purchase price, but a whole range of other factors. Yet, purchase decisions are often only made considering unit prices. This can lead to limited, poor-quality evaluations, and expensive long-term budgetary implications. 

Instead, decision-makers must understand the total financial impact of metalworking fluids. From purchasing, to waste treatment and disposal, to impacts on tool lifespan and productivity, gaining a holistic, operational view can drive an exceptional increase in value for money. 

In TotalEnergies’ new webinar October 19th 2021 at 10am, we examine all these factors and demonstrate how a Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) simulation results in significant cost savings when coupled with the right metalworking fluids.   

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What you’ll learn 

The event will provide a 360-degree understanding of TCO in metalworking lubricant use.   

After an introduction to TotalEnergies UK, our experts will explore the TCO concept and what this looks like in terms of metalworking fluids. We then move onto the key inputs and costs associated with these lubricants, and then input these into a TCO simulation, which we will then explore in detail, alongside a number of relevant case studies. Following this, our experts will then open the floor to a Q&A session on the topic. 

Discover how TCO can transform your metalworking fluid usage and generate a range of associated benefits, at our webinar. Sign up before the 18th October in order to attend. 

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Agenda - 19/10/21 - 10:00am 

10:00 – Introduction of TotalEnergies UK 

10:10 – TCO concept in metalworking fluids 

10:20 – Key inputs and costs 

10:30 – TCO simulation 

10:45 – Case studies 

11:00 – Webinar topic Q&A 

For more information on TotalEnergies’ range of expertly formulated metalworking fluids for rolling, quenching, cutting, machining, grinding, tooling, and electrical discharge machining, view our range today or contact our experts