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09/11/2018 News

The complete guide to finding the right engine oil

What is the right oil for my car or vehicle?


Whatever the type of motorbike, car, commercial vehicle or machinery you’re operating, using the right engine oil can have all kinds of positive effects on the performance and lifetime of engine components, but how do you know which oil to use? Here’s everything you need to know about picking an engine oil with Total.

Check the engine oil grade 

Oil grades (such as 10W-30) are used to denote the viscosities of the oil during winter (the number preceding the ‘W’) and summer (the number after the ‘W’). The lower the first or higher the second number, the less the oil will thicken at low or high temperatures, meaning it can maintain a better oil pressure and film strength as it copes with high temperatures and pressures.

You can check the oil grade for your car, commercial vehicle or machinery in its handbook or by contacting the manufacturer. While it used to be the case that engine oils only had one grade and therefore had to be changed in preparation for summer or winter, today’s oils can cope with a range of temperatures, so there will be a certain grade of oil your engine needs.


Additional performance with TOTAL QUARTZ engine oil 


That’s not the entire picture, however, as engine oils with additives, such as TOTAL QUARTZ, can offer enhanced benefits on top of regular oil types, as well as being a must for performance vehicles.


  • Age Reduction Technology (ART) – QUARTZ oils come with ART, a technology that works on the molecular level to reduce the formation of sludge and oxidisation of oil, protecting engine components for longer.
  • Extreme temperature protection – In both hot and cold temperatures, QUARTZ keeps engines performing and protected.
  • Increased drain intervals – Leading to lower maintenance costs.
  • 64% increase in mechanical wear protection – Reducing maintenance costs.
  • Improves fuel economy by up to 4% - Reducing fuel costs and emissions.


Find the right engine oil with Total LubAdvisor


If you’re unable to find out which engine oil your engine requires, be sure to use the Total LubAdvisor tool. Simply choose the category of vehicle, input your license plate or search by make, model or type, and the tool will show you the correct oil for your vehicle.

Visit the desktop LubAdvisor, or the mobile-optimised version.


Check the Total catalogue and safety data sheets for engine oils 


If you’d like to browse and compare the entire range of Total engine oils you can also visit our UK catalogue – it covers all automotive and industrial products on offer to drivers and fleet managers.


Another useful resource is Total’s bank of safety data sheets. Featuring a wide range of product details, including classification, labelling, mixture, first aid measures and much more, they ensure that you can employ the right lubricant in the safest, most secure way possible, minimising any threat to human health or the environment.


Total online Live Chat 


Last, but by no means least, Total’s new Live Chat feature connects our customers with our team of UK office-based staff. Accessible on the bottom right across the Total UK website via the ‘Chat now…’ button, the service features human interaction throughout the entirety of the chat conversation. This ensures customers get quick, direct and personalised replies to their queries – a reassuringly human service that you simply don’t get from automated chatbots.


With Live Chat, users can draw on the extensive and constantly growing knowledge base system and in-depth product range knowledge of our team, who can direct customers towards the products and engine oil ranges they need. The feature is GDPR-compliant too, ensuring a safe and secure service.


Finding the correct engine oil for your vehicle has never been easier with Total. View our range of products or contact our team for more information.