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14/02/2019 Press release

Total partners with ChargePoint to develop UK EV infrastructure

Total ChargePoint EV network


Up until recently, the mass adoption of hybrid and electric vehicles was viewed as a distinctly future development, but with the adoption of bolder emissions targets, lowering vehicles costs and greater choice of models from emboldened manufacturers, the era of mass EV ownership is drawing ever closer.

Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders (SMMT) data shows that hybrid and electric vehicles commanded a share of 8% of the UK market in 2018 – an increase of 88.7% compared to 2017. That’s strong growth, but is it too strong? Numbers are growing so quickly that a recent study from Emu Analytics found that the UK would experience an 83% shortfall in EV charging points by 2020 to meet the needs of the estimated 1 million vehicles on UK roads.

The UK needs more charging points, which is why Total are excited to announce we’re partnering with ChargePoint, the world’s leading EV charging network, to deploy charging infrastructure across the country with Total Charge Stations.


The ChargePoint[SG1] network

With more than 60,000 places to charge across its worldwide network and facilitating 1.5 million charging sessions every month, ChargePoint is leading the transition away from traditional forecourts, and has plans in place to grow its global network to 2.5 million by 2025.

It’s the most substantial plan of any EV charging company, made possible by ChargePoint’s decentralised approach that’s akin to that of sharing economy businesses AirBnB and Uber. Working with Total to provide Total Charge Stations to operators, ChargePoint produces the charging hardware, software and insurance to charging station owners, adding each location to its network which enables drivers to check station location, status, and availability among other innovative features.

Homes, fleets, retailers, commercial estate owners, workplaces; ChargePoint is designed so that as many groups as possible can provide and benefit from EV charging, improving e-mobility on a massive scale.


EV charging stations that benefit operators

Total Charge Stations have been designed to meet a wide range of charging needs, from domestic level 2 charging solutions to rapid-charging type 2 AC, CHAdeMO DC and CCS DC variants, covering 100% of electric vehicles.

Charging stations are available in dual-port, single-port, pedestal and wall variants, with interactive displays, contactless payment sensors, and are designed with durability and reliability in mind. If they’re damaged, the company’s industry-leading maintenance warranty, Assure, will ensure a team responds and quickly addresses any issues in as little as one day, even in cases of vandalism and accidental damage.

Operators also get a raft of cloud services to help them efficiently and effectively get the most out of their charging infrastructure. An online dashboard and analytics suite help station owners understand their current capacity and plan for future growth, as well as energy management, pricing, and station access.


The driver-centric charging network

For drivers, Total Charge Stations can be quickly and easily booked via the advanced, free ChargePoint app. With it, drivers can access charging station location and availability or book a space via an innovative waitlist feature that ensures infrastructure is used as efficiently as possible.

Keeping on top of charging their EV is easy too. Through the app, drivers are provided with a wide range of metrics, including notifications regarding available stations nearby, the charging status of their vehicles and service status information. For fleet managers, these tools are built on further, with the ability to track fleets and pay for charging remotely.

Total and ChargePoint’s are making sure that the next generation of refuelling stations will be more efficient, connected and quicker than ever before. For more information on the partnership, or how Total can help you obtain leading charging solutions, please contact our team at [email protected] or call 0800 542 3275.