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24/01/2020 News

Total Preslia GT: Helping efficiently power over 4 million homes



At Total, we understand efficiency. Lubricants, fuels, services – you name it: performance and productivity are built in from the ground up. In no infrastructure is this singular focus more integral than power stations; just one reason why the partnership between Total and RWE’s Pembroke Power Station has been so successful.

RWE Pembroke: The UK’s largest and most efficient CCGT power plant

RWE power station in Pembrokeshire is a state-of-the-art combined cycle gas turbine (CCGT) plant. With a net capacity of 2,181 MW, it powers over 4 million homes across Wales and the UK and is one of the largest and most capable CCGT plants in Europe. Producing less than half the CO2 emissions of a coal-fired power station, its thermal efficiency rate of over 60% is exceptional.

On top of being remarkably efficient, RWE Pembroke is designed to be flexible, with five gas turbine generators that can be fired independently in order to meet the country’s changing energy needs. Its role within the UK’s energy mix is integral, providing reliable, low-carbon power that supports the UK’s transition towards renewable forms of energy such as wind and solar.

Total Preslia GT: Providing cutting edge lubrication

TOTAL have been supporting RWE for several years, providing Preslia GT turbine oils that keep its turbines operating at optimum efficiency. Preslia GT’s premium formulation meets both steam and gas turbine specifications, making it a sound choice for the plant.

The lubricant features extreme thermal stability and anti-wear levels – perfect for turbines with severely loaded gearboxes such as the plant’s – and exceptional oxidation resistance that results in far greater drainage intervals than most traditional turbine oils, reducing maintenance requirements and downtime.

Pembroke’s Preslia GT is produced at Total UK’s Ferrybridge blending plant. There, rigorous testing facilities, an expert team of skilled chemists, the latest technologies and support from Total’s CReS French centre of excellence facility combine to ensure that every lubricant component – from raw materials to the finished product – complies with Total’s stringent, beyond industry-specification standards.

The excellent working partnership between Total and RWE has resulted in a working relationship built around trust in our reliability in technical expertise, allowing Preslia GT to show what Total efficiency looks like.

Contact our team to find out how we can bring Total efficiency to your turbine infrastructure.