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THE operator of choice for the uk continental shelf

As one of the largest operators in the UK Continental Shelf, TotalEnergies remains committed to producing the energy the UK needs from the North Sea.

We have a strong portfolio of assets located offshore in the North Sea in three major zones: the Alwyn/Dunbar area in the Northen North Sea, the Elgin/Franklin and Culzean areas in the Central North Sea and the Laggan-Tormore hub in the West of Shetland area. 


Safety is our core value and it lies at the heart of how we work; from the first conceptual designs of our assets to how we operate every day, safety is an absolute priority for everyone who works for us whether they are staff or contractor, onshore or offshore.

More energy, less carbon

We need to produce cleaner energy to meet the challenge of preventing climate change. TotalEnergies will play its part in reaching net-zero carbon emissions by 2045 in Scotland and 2050 in the UK by working with both governments, along with other regulators and stakeholders.