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Our leading range of car oils and lubricants protect engines, enhance performance, and safeguard the environment. TotalEnergies​ innovative car oils, coolants, and transmission oils are the product of constant development in the lab and on the track, offering petrol and diesel owners improved reliability, affordability, and power. Explore our products below.


QUARTZ high-performance car oil

Total Quartz 4


With our cutting edge technology at its heart, Quartz engine oils are winners on both road and track. Designed to meet the most stringent manufacturer specifications, our Quartz products carry nearly all official OEM approvals, and are loved by manufacturers, mechanics and motorists alike.

At TotalEnergies, we know that no two vehicle makes are the same, so we’ve developed oils for a vast range of engines and models.

The engine oil you choose can have a significant impact on the fuel economy of your car. Our Fuel Economy technology is one of our most important innovations as we strive to bring drivers excellent performance and lubricants that are better for the environment. Look for the FE badge on Quartz products and you’ll discover a range of engine oils to significantly lower your fuel consumption. Thanks to an optimised viscosity profile, FE products reduce the friction that causes power loss in lubricated parts. For you the result will be lower fuel costs, and for the environment it means lower carbon emissions. 

The FE products able to provide following benefits:

  • Reduce your carbon emissions with every mile driven.
  • Save money at the petrol pump.
  • Optimised viscosity profile leads to less engine friction, prolonging its life.
  • Cleaner running and anti-wear protection.
  • Options for petrol and diesel engines by leading manufacturers.

For QUARTZ engine oil, our engineers have formulated Age Resistance Technology, also known as ART. It's a breakthrough innovation: the interaction between oil molecules is increased, creating a super resistant molecular structure. This helps to prevent the lubricant protective film from breaking, whatever the conditions: extreme temperature and pressure, frictino and sludge accumulation. QUARTZ with ART protects all your engine parts to ensure optimal working condition.

The benefits of  QUARTZ with ART

  • Extent the lifespan of your car's engine performance
  • Protection against sludge build-up improved by 18%*
  • Protection against mechanical wear improved by 64%*

*In average compared to offical industry test limits


At TotalEnergies​, our constant drive to innovate means we are always researching new ways of improving our market-leading Quartz range. A wide number of options are available for various engines new and old. Key benefits include:

  • Protect your engine against wear and corrosion for a longer working life.
  • Improve fuel efficiency thanks to lower friction in the engine.
  • Cleaner running as impurities are reduced.
  • Improved performance with a tight lubricated seal between piston and cylinder.
  • Keep your engine cool, preventing engine loss and deterioration.

ELF Sporti Range - a guarantee of quality from a reliable brand

For more than fifty years ELF has been a competitive, innovative and successful brand. Its successes and victories in Motorsport prove it. After years of research and innovation devoted to motorsport competitions and partnerships with major car manufacturers, ELF highlights its expertise by providing you with high quality lubricants for your engine.

SPORTI Range of Lubricants:
A guarantee of quality to keep your engine clean and maintain its performance. Our new range of cost effective oils for the independent aftermarket 

Products Norm acea Norm API Technology Meets the requirements of
C3 SN / CF Synthetic
VW 502.00/505.01,
MB 229.51, BMW LL-04,
GM Dexos 2.
A5/B5 SL / CF Synthetic
(backward compatible
with WSS-M2C 913-C).
C3 SN / CF Synthetic
VW 504.00/507.00,
MB 229.51, BMW LL-04.
A3 /B4 SN / CF Synthetic
VW 502.00/505.00,
MB 229.3, BMW LL-01.
C2 / C3   Synthetic
A3/B4 SL / CF Synthetic Based
VW 501.01/505.00,
MB 229.1.


ELF HTX Classic car oils – keeping the dream alive

While we are constantly developing new lubricant technologies for tomorrow, we haven’t forgotten the much-loved cars of yester year. After all, using today’s cutting edge engine oils in older engines can cause irreversible damage. That’s why we’ve released a range of oils for classic car owners.

The HTX range has been released by Total Lubricants through our Elf brand, and it features three products that come in vintage style tin packaging. HTX Prestige, HTX Collection and HTX Chrono have been designed in collaboration with classic car clubs, and they’re perfectly suited to the challenges presented by old school motors.

HTX Prestige – Suited Aston Martin, Jaguar, Bugatti and other classics, the multigrade technology in HTX Prestige helps avoid oil circulation problems at low temperatures. HTX Prestige SAE 40 is specially designed for cars produced between 1900 and 1950, while HTX Prestige 20W-50 offers very high viscosity to minimise oil loss in older cars.


HTC Collection 20W-50 – Specially formulated for classic cars from the 1950s, this oil makes it easier to start the engine after long dormant periods, and preserves against wear and tear even when engine temperatures rise to their hottest levels.


HTX Chrono 10W-60 – Many modern classics of the 1980s are still worshipped around the world, and this oil is designed for favourites such as the VW Golf GTI and the Peugeot 205 GTI, as well as Alfa Romeo, Ferarri, Porche and Lotus sports cars. It’s ideal for use on road and track, providing protection in all conditions and maintaining optimum lubrication at full throttle.


With the HTX range of classic car oils, drivers will benefit from:


  • Premium lubricants suited to a range of vintage vehicles.
  • Protect your valuable classic engine against wear and extreme temperatures.
  • Thicker oils that support processes such as bubbling lubrication in older engines.
  • Less dispersant, to be compatible with the oil filters of the day.
  • Unique, collectable packaging designed by classic car illustrator Thierry Dubois.

Total Glacelf and Coolelf - Stay cool

Did you know that 22% of vehicle failures are caused by problems with the cooling system? With Total Glacelf and Coolelf coolants, you can avoid unnecessary expenses and keep your car running efficiently.

These high quality, durable engine fluids take away the worry of engine breakdown, protect against corrosion and overheating, and lower maintenance costs for drivers. They’re developed in the most advanced research centres in Europe, and are approved by a range of world-class car manufacturers.

The TotalEnergies coolant range includes:

  • Total Glacelf SI-OAT – Dilute this concentrate for use in EURO 6 engines.
  • Total Coolelf SI-OAT – A ready-to-use cooling solution for EURO 6 engines.
  • Total Coolelf G13 – Ready-to-use coolant suitable for most VW Group engines.
  • Total Coolelf FR – Ready-to-use in Citroën and Peugeot models.
  • Total Coolelf FR RD – Ready-to-use for Renault and Dacia engines.
  • Total Coolelf ECO BS – Economical and ready-to-use, it conforms to British Standard 6580.
  • Total Glacelf ECO BS – Concentrate to be diluted, this coolant is also BS 6580 compliant.


Fill your car’s cooling system with a Total Glacelf or Coolelf product, and you’ll:

  • Ensure heat exchanger efficiency.
  • Protect against corrosion and cavitation.
  • Help protect the environment.
  • Protect your engine against boiling temperatures.
  • And protect it against frozen fluids.

Gear and transmission oils

Just like the engine itself, it’s crucial that you keep your gearbox lubricated to ensure optimum performance and to protect it against wear and tear. TotalEnergies​ offers durable, high quality lubricants for both manual and automatic transmissions, including Fuel Economy options that will save you money and help protect the environment.

Oil for manual transmissions

Our TotalEnergies​ Transmission and TotalEnergies​ Transtec ranges provide an excellent selection of products to protect your gearbox from wear and tear, while TotalEnergies​ Transmission Axle 8 75W-90 is available for axle lubrication.TotalEnergies​ Transmission Gear 9 FE 75W-90 is the choice to make if you want high quality, superb protection and fuel economy savings.

Find out more about manual transmission products here

Oil for automatic transmissions

A complete selection of lubricants for automatic transmissions can be found thanks to our TotalEnergies​ Fluidmatic and TotalEnergies​ Fluide ranges. These cover Dexron transmissions, as well as DCT and CVT options. TotalEnergies​ Fluide XLD FE is the choice for greater fuel economy, long drain periods and anti-friction properties.

Find out more about automatic transmission products here


With TotalEnergies ​specially formulated ranges of transmission fluids for gearboxes and axles, you can benefit from:

  • Lower maintenance costs thanks to extended drain periods.
  • Excellent gearbox protection against wear and corrosion – these oils can stand extreme pressure.
  • Low temperature fluidity means less drag and fuel consumption even during cold starts.
  • Excellent stability in operation due to the high viscosity index.
  • High compatibility with oil filters due to antifoam properties.
  • Fuel economy options to help you reduce fuel costs and protect the environment.



Developed for electric vehicles from the ground up with technological insights from TotalEnergies​ participation in Formula E, the QUARTZ EV range of oils and coolants protects components and improves engine and battery performance. With a range covering all electric vehicle types, there’s a cutting-edge QUARTZ EV fluid for every electric and hybrid.



Aston Martin and TotalEnergies​ - car lovers

Aston Martin

Aston Martin and TotalEnergies​ combine forces in a powerful relationship, through winning results in the FIA WEC, to road-car DB11 and Vantage models using  QUARTZ as their first-fill engine oil.








What is car oil? 

Car oils are petrochemical lubricants used to lubricate vehicle and equipment engines.

Formed from highly refined crude oil and commonly featuring synthetic additives, they make sure car components do not become damaged by friction, heat and corrosion and boost engine performance to lower maintenance and running costs.


Car oil checker 

If you want to find out which car oil your vehicle needs, visit the Total LubAdvisor car oil checker. Just input your registration or search for your make and model to check the exact type of lubricant your car requires.

Visit LubAdvisor


The ultimate guide to car oil 

Every engine needs car oil, but it makes sense to properly understand oils to ensure you get the most out of them.

Featuring everything you need to know to ensure the continuing health and power of your engine, in our ultimate guide we explore the fundamentals of car oil, the various types of car oil available, which oil you need for your car, how to check your oil level, and how to top up and change your car oil.

Explore TotalEnergies​ ultimate guide to car oil


What happens if you put too much oil in your car? 

If you’re running low on engine oil, your car can quickly become damaged – forcing you to pay for extensive and costly repairs. The answer is to top up your oil, but what happens if you put too much car oil in your vehicle?

If you’ve put too much oil in your car, you may see thick, white smoke coming out of the exhaust, caused by excess oil (or other fluids) burning in the engine block. Oil can also pool beneath your car (although a leaky oil plug can also be the culprit).

Excess car oil can affect your car in several ways. It can put pressure on the heads and tails of the crankshaft and increase friction, cause engine component wear due to incorrect oil pressures, damage the engine by blocking suction hoses in the combustion chamber, and foul spark plugs, among many other issues.

If you’ve put too much oil in your car, stop driving and drain the excess as soon as possible.

Cars generally take between four and eight litres of oil, but check the lubrication section of your owner’s manual to find out the right engine lubricant volume for your car.

Learn more about what to do if you put too much oil in your car.


How do oil additives work? 

Car oils contain additives that improve the abilities of the oil, further enhancing or protecting your engine. Additives make up to 30% of the volume of car oils and are used in extremely exact, optimised amounts.

Car oil additives include anti-oxidants, anti-wear agents, extreme pressure additives, viscosity index modifiers, anti-foaming agents, detergents, friction modifiers and many others, all designed to extend or impart the capabilities of oils.

Without them, vehicles would be far less efficient and reliable, and oils without additives are only typically used to lubricate classic vehicles designed for use with old-fashioned lubricants.

Learn more about what oil additives are and how they work.


TotalEnergies​ range of car oils 

QUARTZ high-performance car oil 

Designed to provide power and efficiency on road and track, premium QUARTZ car oils meet practically every OEM specification and feature Age Resistance Technology to extend engine lifetimes.


ELF SPORTI independent aftermarket oil 

ELF SPORTI passenger car oils are a cost-effective solution for the independent aftermarket, maintaining performance and cleaning the engine to ensure efficiency.



Developed to lubricate cutting-edge electric and hybrid vehicles, QUARTZ EV and RUBIA EV car oils cool, protect and preserve engine and battery performance.


ELF HTX classic car oils 

Safeguarding performance and maintaining components, ELF HTX classic car oils are made for vintage vehicles. Developed alongside classic car clubs, they are perfectly optimised for older engines.


Total Glacelf and Coolelf coolants 

Glacelf and Coolelf are durable, high-quality engine fluids that protect against overheating and corrosion and make sure cars operate effectively.



Find the correct car oils for your vehicle via the TotalEnergies​ catalogue, or visit the Lub Advisor oil finder tool.