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Refined specifically for modern printing techniques, TotalEnergies’ range of ink distillate products gives ink and resin manufacturers the quality they need to produce consistent, colourful inks that last. Vibrant colour is one of the goals when we work with ink manufacturers, and the other is complete product safety. We offer aromatic-free inks that meet the toughest regulations in the world.


Offset printing inks

Developed through over 20 years of collaboration with leading printers, Scriptane PW is a range of aromatic-free printing ink distillates that meets the high standards of today’s printing industry. Using Scriptane PW, you can manufacture inks that deliver outstanding colour, with excellent long term UV stability. The narrow boiling point range of our products gives you total control over evaporation rates, meaning printers can rely on your inks for their timings. Excellent quality, consistency, and a good balance between resin solvency and drying performance have made Scriptane the choice for ink and resin makers around the world.




Coldset and press inks

For the coldset and press market, Scriptane NW is the range to choose. These aromatic mineral oils are used for the manufacture of newspaper inks, and do not require labelling under current EU legislation. In addition, we offer other products such as Toluene for the formulation of stamping inks and a variety of solvents useful in the cleaning of plates and printing machinery.





Scriptane PW for purity and safety

As well as the consistent and long lasting colour inks it facilitates, Scriptane PW products are ultra-safe with a range of international approvals. Developed to protect workers and end users, Scriptane PW has ultra low polycrylic aromatic hydrocarbon (PAH) and aromatic content and is mild on skin. It’s not considered a volatile organic compound (VOC) under EU directive 1999/13, and is not on the EUPIA exclusion list. In addition, it meets food contact regulations in Europe, the US, Switzerland and more.