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Purity, flexibility, quality and safety – TotalEnergies provides solutions that are perfect for the manufacture of pharmaceutical and cosmetic products. Both in terms of white oils to lubricate machinery used in the process, and emollients to form the base of products themselves, TotalEnergies has you covered.

Purity and safety in lubricants

Pharmaceuticals and cosmetic processing machines require lubricants that meet the most stringent hygiene and safety requirements. Look no further than our Finavestan range of chemical oils for products that protect against contamination while at the same time delivering excellent performance and optimising your operating costs.

Qualities of Finavestan include:

  • Medical white oils that meet Codex standards.
  • Registered as safe for direct contact with food under NSF 3H requirements.
  • No sulphur or aromatic hydrocarbon content.
  • Very high purity – odourless, tasteless and colourless oils.
  • Meet international pharmacopoeia requirements.


The best emollient solutions

From soft and easy spreading to dry and silky, our Gemseal range of emollients gives you total control when you formulate a cosmetic product. These pure, biodegradable hydrocarbon emulsifiers are more than versatile, they meet all applicable regulations – they are non-irritant to skin and eyes, and have no oral or dermal toxicity.

Because they’re extremely easy to implement, very safe, colourless, and offer high UCV stability, Gemseal products form an excellent base for a whole range of cosmetic products including skincare, hair care, hygiene, sunscreen and make-up.