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Our Solane product range is excellent for formulating adhesives. Our Solane range offers customers excellent purity, superb technical performance, and ultra-low aromatics. These products play a key role in the manufacture of a wide variety of sealants and adhesives used around the world.


Solane products are mainly used to dissolve various types of binders and polymers both for easier application and to make a strong bond in the adhesive substance being made. They can also improve its drying properties, and offer the potential to save time and money in both manufacturing and end use.




For over a decade we have been producing Hydroseal, a range of hydrocarbon fluids tailored specifically for the manufacture of silicone sealants.


Unlike silicone oils, these organic plasticisers offer an extremely pure option – with very low aromatic content.


They can help you both reduce your costs, and produce high-quality sealants in a number of categories that meet the needs of your consumer