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Gemseal – purity and performance in cosmetics

Pure, biodegradable hydrocarbon emollients that don’t harm the skin are the Holy Grail in the cosmetics industry. That’s even more the case if the products offer a comprehensive variety of gradings in smoothness, glossiness, thickness, richness and volatility. It’s these qualities and more that make our Gemseal range of specialty alkanes so relevant to today’s market.

Gemseal gives manufacturers in the health and beauty sector the versatility they need. Products in the range provide outstanding performance, and meet all applicable regulations. If you’re formulating personal care products, Gemseal brings you a whole range of inert fluids to work with which are ideal for skincare, hygiene, make-up, haircare, sunscreen and more.


Gemseal products come in a range of consistencies to cover a variety of applications. From soft and easy spreading to dry and silky, you have the freedom to control how your formula renders in the finished product. Products include:

  • Gemseal 25 - A volatile alkane with unique sensory properties: dry touch, a good evaporation rate and ease of spreading. A good alternative to cyclomethicone and isododecane.
  • Gemseal 40 - With a higher gloss than Gemseal 25, it has a dry touch and an improved evaporation rate. Also a good alternative to cyclomethicone, dimethicone and isododecane.
  • Gemseal 60 – A less volatile emollient, with a softer feel. It is particularly good for formulating haircare products or creams. It is a good alternative to dimethiconol and isohexadecane.
  • Gemseal 120 - The most glossy alkane in the range. It is rich and creamy, though never greasy, making it an excellent choice for cream formulation. A good alternative to isohexadecane or low-viscosity white oils.


Gemseal products are stable and biodegradable, and come in a complete range of texture gradings. They’re easy to use, safe, colourless and suitable for all types of beauty product formulation including skincare, haircare, hygiene, sunscreen and make-up.

Because of their low environmental impact, the Gemseal range has been awarded the Total Ecosolutions award, based on a certification process by an external auditor. As well as being biodegradable, their use decreases greenhouse gas emissions by 86% compared to silicone oils.

Gemseal products offer excellent compatibility with vegetable oils, silicone oils or emulsifiers available on the market, and are:

  • Non-irritable to skin and eyes (OECD guidelines 404 and 405)
  • Non-mutagenic (Ames test)
  • Non-comedogenic (Clinical study)
  • No oral and dermal toxicity (OECD guidelines 401 and 402)
  • Non-occlusive
  • Non-sensitising (Repeated patch tests)