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Berylane – hydrocarbon fluids for metalworking

Machining, cutting, grinding, milling, drilling – without metalworking fluids, the heat and friction involved in these industrial processes would result in poor performance, frequent reworking of materials and higher costs. Our Berylane range of hydrocarbon fluids is relied upon by industrial lubricant manufacturers around the world, making products to improve productivity and remove danger wherever metal is worked.

Berylane products offer outstanding purity, and as a result they are colourless and odourless. Their longevity in the workshop is unrivalled, and their mildness to the skin means they’re used to manufacture the highest quality metalworking fluids on the market.

Furthermore, our Berylane range is not classified as a volatile organic compound by the directive EC/1999/13, which means there are few restrictions on its use in metal working lubricants.

Our customers who make metal working fluids classify Berylane hydrocarbon fluids as Group II+ or Group III Base oils because of their high purity and our unique hydrogenation technology. OECD tests have classified Berylane products as readily biodegradable.


Metalworking fluids made with our Berylane products are known for their excellent performance. The narrow boiling range and low evaporation rates of Berylane mean a lower risk of fire and less vapour formation on site, resulting in a safer working environment.

Berylane products are also used in other lubricant formulations including viscosity adjustment, and they combine the technical performance of hydro-cracked base oils with the purity of white oils. They offer excellent ageing stability – exceeding synthetic isoparaffinic fluids – so the metalworking fluids they are used in have a long service life.

Key benefits of our Berylane products include:

  • Non-staining
  • No sulphur
  • No aromatics
  • No PAH
  • High purity
  • Odourless
  • Colourless