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18/05/2018 News

How Total’s aviation fuel and lubricants help the Ultimate Aerobatics team

Total Plane Fuel and Ultimate Aerobatics


Mike and Emily Collett are two very active competition pilots who established Ultimate Aerobatics to let more people know about the sport.


On top of competition flying, they provide aerobatic training and experiences, and bring the graceful discipline of aerobatics to a wider audience through affordable private air displays.


This sport is not for the fainthearted. It requires unbelievable speed and agility – the skill of the Ultimate Aerobatics team really does have to be seen to be believed! When you’re testing an aircraft to the absolute limits, you need to know that every component is performing at its best. That’s why Mike and Emily use Total – thanks to our cutting edge R&D, they know they can count on our products for quality, durability (and greater fuel efficiency).


We supply the Ultimate Aerobatics team with our high quality, low lead, piston engine fuel – AVGAS 100LL. This provides them with superior performance, so that they can complete extreme stunt manoeuvres. We also provide AERO piston engine oil and a unique smoke oil to really add to their displays.


Total is proud to support Ultimate Aerobatics in preparation for the 2018 World Advanced Aerobatics Championships, which will be held in Romania in August.