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29/04/2020 News

World Day for Safety, 30th April 2020



“Our Lives First: Joint Safety Tours”

This year, TOTAL Group’s World Day for Safety (WDfS) will be held on Thursday, April 30, 2020. This 13th edition will be again a key opportunity for all – both Total employees and contractors  – to celebrate safety as the Group’s core value. Last year, we shared our common Objective: Zero Fatal Accidents.

That’s why, the 2020 WDfS will be focusing on the same theme: “Our lives first”.

The pandemic COVID-19 impacts all TOTAL Group employees, in their personal and professional lives. Despite this, the TOTAL Group ensures continuity and we should not drop our guard when it comes to safety. This WDfS will promote our primary objective of Zero Fatal Accidents, deployed in 2020 under the banner “Our lives first”.

TOTAL UK will launch on that day a new action that reaches out to our contracted partners and that must become an inevitable routine: the Joint Safety Tour. Such practices will strengthen bonds at all levels between Total and our main local contractors in order to reinforce shared vigilance of fatal hazards.

Using remote communications to aid the day, coupled with contractor presentations, workshops, fatal accidents initiatives and quizzes we aim to share across our UK sites, employees together with contractors, the best safety tour practices, and anchor, even stronger our Safety value.

For me, for you, for all!